Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rinnam... dealing with loans

Rinnam... dealing with loans

- By J.P. Pereira

Comedian Ambe has presented dramas with many social messages. This time he deals with loans and borrowings but ends up with a critical look at the sexual exploitation of women. �Rinnam� the tiatr could have gone into detail of the advantages and disadvantages of borrowings, but does so only to some extent.
Julius and Caesar are brothers married to Valanka and Sarita. Unfortunately, both the brothers are suffering from cancer. While Julius accepts his fate and undergoes treatment, Caesar with the help of his wife tends to listen to people and avails treatment from various doctors and quacks, borrowing from people to pay for this expenditure. Through �Pentagon� the local gossip, Sarita borrows from David, apparently a generous and kind hearted human. Soon Caesar dies and the lenders come knocking. The fate of this woman completes the story of the play.

The comedy does offset the tragic situations and the play is evenly balanced but the first half seems a bit tedious during the main sequences. The cast has Yvonne as Valanka, giving a good performance but should slow down her dialogue delivery in the scenes depicting anger. Cynette is impressive as the down and out Sarita, especially in the latter half. Anthony San and Justino play the two brothers in style while Caetano (Bebo) does a fine act as the irritating but funny �Pentagon.� David acts well as the benevolent money lender and Frankie, Trindade, Connie-M and C D�Silva lend good support. Ambe and Aurelius provide lots of humour.
Connie-M renders the theme song. Besides these there are some good songs from Anthony San, C D'Silva, Cajie, Aurelius, David, Trindade and a touching tribute to the late Maxie Arts, from A.M. Pacheco.
The drama has a good message. Not to be missed!!!

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