Friday, August 7, 2009

Konkani Kovita: GOENCHO UGDDAS

(Memories of Goa)

Poem in Konkani
by Tony Fernandes

Celebrating World Goa Day - 20 August 2009

Ugddas burgeaponnailo maka sodanch eta,
Jednam xinkunk ami vetaleum Escola Primaria,
Barabor chollon ami voiltaleum,
Daktule uzar kelele cherache batlen
Slate pussunk irlexem udok ami vortaleum.

Primeir, segund, tercer, kaddun talle
Ladainh cantad ami kortale;
Salve kabar zalea uprant
Kotten vath pettoun
Xamainchea atik dhorun
ghara ami vetale.

Ugddas maka sodanch eta
Novea Vorsacho
ani Natalanche ratricho;
Modianichem miss zalea uprant
Vaddentelea lokak uttoitale
Zage ravon amchea daktulea vaddeant
Cantaram korun rath sartale.

Boas Festas do Natal, Feliz Novo Ano,
Deu Boro Dis Dhium, Deu Bori Rath Dhium,
Kai borim him vinchun kaddleleam utranim
Sogleank ami vodkitale.

Gaunchea Festachi feri
Pollounk disso chodd bori
Khuxealkaien lok kori festachi toeiari,
Fath-gravat bandunk urba amkam etali
Ani Corar ravon amim Miss Cantad kori.

Ugddas maka sodanch eta
Siole taricho ani Ponjecheam ferri-bottincho
Taxi and caminhao-vancho
Vollok korunk ek zantti maka vinchari
Baba tum khuincho?
Tor gorib aum zaun khoro
Fokannanim zabab ditalom
Ek batkar munn aum Guirvodcho.

Visronk ekdom kottin Mapxencho bazar
Kiteak khuinchoruch naslo eka tempar
Itlo voddlo mercad,
Kherit bazaracho dis aslo ek Sunkrar
Meutaleo vostu thuim zinsanvar
Punn atam tor teka poloixi zalear
Zaleat tache Bara Berestar
ani Tera Sunkrar.

Ugddass adle korun,
Boroun boroth xembor paginam;
Sogleam Goenkarank
Pordesan and Goeam
'Khuxealborit World Goa Day'
Aum aundetam.

Tony Fernandes

Dr. Prof. Olivinho Gomes’ Condolence Meeting Today (07/08/09)

Dr. Prof. Olivinho Gomes’ Condolence Meeting Today

Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) and Goa Konkani Akademi will be jointly organising a condolence meeting of Professor Dr. Olivinho J. F. Gomes on 7th August, 2009 (Today) at 5.00 p.m. in Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industries Conference Hall, Panjim.

Professor Dr. Olivinho J. F. Gomes, Konkani researcher, writer, translator and the former Vice-Chancellor, Goa University. died on 30 July, 2009 after a brief illness.

In June, 1987 he left his high-ranking position for the Konkani mission, on being selected as Professor of Konkani language & literature, as ‘outstanding scholar…’ under UGC norms, at the Goa University. Till 2003 he was the Head of Konkani Department he set up for under & post-graduate studies up to Ph.D. He was Dean, Faculty of Languages & Literature in charge of French, English, Portuguese, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani Departments and Italian courses for 6 years. He presented papers/lectures & chaired sessions at national /international conferences straddling history, language, culture, literature, sociology-anthropology, in Lisbon, Paris, London, Gottingen (Germany), Vienna, Oporto, Toronto, Sydney, Nihon (Japan), Beijing, Kuala Lumpur & Sungai Pettani (Malaysia) besides Indian states. Some papers were collected under “A scholarly world of culture” (2009). So far he has 36 books to his credit in Konkani & in English.

All are invited to attend the meeting.

Jose Salvador Fernandes
Dalgado Konknni Akademi
Mob: 9881810832



Remembering Prof. Olivinho Gomes

Remembering Prof. Olivinho Gomes
● Tomazinho Cardozo

He held high positions in the Central Government, he put the foundation of Post-Graduate education in Konkani in the Goa University, he published over 40 books which included research, travelogues, translations and creative writings, he was the only Konkani writer who served Konkani in both scripts, Roman and Devanogori, etc., etc. Dr. Olivinho could be considered a one man institution whose mastery over Konkani language, its history and over Goa and its identity was simply superb. It pains to observe that such an experienced and literary-rich life is snatched away at the age of only 66 years.

Born in 1943 at St. Stevao, Ilhas, Goa Dr. Olivinho Gomes had his secondary education in Don Bosco High School, Panjim. Did Lyceum in Portuguese and successfully completed his graduation in English Literature and post-graduation in Psychology & Sociology with flying colours. He obtained his Ph. D. in Sociology. In 1969 he passed Indian Revenue Service (IRS) examination. He is one of the very few Goans who could do IRS. He was posted at various states in Customs & Central Excise by the Central Government. He also worked in the Finance Ministry at New Delhi at various important positions.

He had well settled in life as far as his lucrative service in the Central Government was concerned. But his love towards Goa and Konkani language was more prominent in him than anything else. Fortunately there arose an opportunity to serve Goa and Konkani language. He was selected as Professor of Konkani Language and Literature under UGC norms at the Goa University.

He became the first Head of Konkani Department at the Goa University and worked successfully to set up under & post-graduate studies up to Ph.D. He was Dean, Faculty of Languages & Literature in charge of French, English, Portuguese, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani Departments & Italian courses. He was the member of Goa University’s Executive Council and other bodies; Board of Studies in History & Chair of BOS in French, Konkani, Journalism & Mass Communications. He also served Goa University as its Vice-Chancellor. He served the literary field as an expert at various panels such as UGC, NCERT, U.P.S.C., K.K. Birla Foundation & other national academic /literary bodies, including that of Indian Languages Promotion Council headed by the Prime Minister.

A researcher par excellence he presented papers/lectures & chaired sessions at national /international conferences on history, language, culture, literature, sociology-anthropology, etc., in and outside the country i.e. in Delhi, Ranchi, Mumbai, Goa, Lisbon, Paris, London, Gottingen (Germany), Vienna, Oporto, Toronto, Sydney, Nihon (Japan), Beijing, Kuala Lumpur & Sungai Pettani (Malaysia). Some of his papers are collected under “A scholarly world of culture” (2009). So far he has published 40 books in Konkani & in English. He has won awards nationally as well as internationally for research and literary work in poetry, short-stories, translations, including National Sahitya Akademi Award for Translation, 1993, and that of V.X.Verodiano Foundation (USA),1997; and Research Fellowships from Portuguese Orient Foundation, French Government, U.G.C. (India), Dempo Trust, Commonwealth Fellowship, 1990 in London, and National Fellowship for outstanding artistes (2005-07) from Ministry of Culture, Goverment of India. He was associated with Authors’ Guild of India; The Poetry Society (India); Centre for Literary Translation; Indian Sociological Society; Indian Institute of Public Administration; Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies, etc., etc.

Although Dr. Gomes is one of the few Goans who achieved a lot on the literary field - Konkani as well as other languages – I regret to state that he had to face opposition from a section of the people at every level who consider themselves as the sole ‘pundits’ of Konkani language. When he was selected to be the Professor of Konkani Language and Literature in the Goa University, there was a sort of an earthquake among his opponents who went all out to see that he was removed from that post. Many other Konkani protagonists including me could observe the hidden agenda of these people and lodged a counter protest against those whose ego was hurt because Dr. Olivinho Gomes, a person from outside their caucus, was selected for that coveted post. In spite of opposition from our own people, Dr. Gomes did not deter at all and marched forward with dedication to achieve the goals set by him. He succeeded in his mission.

Dr. Olivinho Gomes was a great asset to the Konkani language. It is not because I say so but it is definitely because of his past records. But unfortunately he did not get due respect and recognition for his valuable works from institutions working for Konkani language in the present times. He was awarded Sahitya Academy Award for Translation and not for his creative writing. He deserved Padmashri or Padma Bushan more than any body else but in vain. This is a concrete example of our – particularly the people who matter in the Konkani world - crab mentality. May his soul rests in peace.

This Article was published on Gomantak Times dated 5th August, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Konkani Books



By Valmiki Faleiro

Goa suffered a severe slam when, on 30th July, death snatched a noble son of the soil,a stalwart of her native language, in the prime of his life. Though retired, he had many productive years ahead of him. Prof.

(Dr.) Olivinho Jose Francisco Gomes, IRS, was as much at home with Konknni as he was with Hindi and Marathi. He was facile with both the Roman and Devanagri scripts. Hailing from the picturesque isle of Santo Estevam, where he was born on 20-Jan-194, he scaled great heights of scholarship by sheer dint of hard work. Schooling at Panjim's Don Bosco, he passed SSC with Hindi and Latin in 1959. He then completed the Portuguese Lyceum course in academic year 1961-62. With a BA in English Literature and Sociology, and a Masters in Sociology, he did his Ph.D.under the guidance of the eminent Prof. Vilas Sanghave, all from Bombay University. Management studies from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute, Bombay and the German Mewes Institute, rounded off a notable academic career. He passed the 1969 Central Civil Services exam and was assigned to the Indian Revenue Service (IRS), Customs & Central Excise, in the 1970 batch.

He was among the few Goans to date in India's elite Class-I administrative cadre. He held many ranks, among them as head of an anti-smuggling outfit set up for the first time in Ratnagiri (1972-76.) In his multifarious roles with the Union Finance Ministry, he had a challenging job as Senior Analyst in the Tax Research Unit, the bones that work out the flesh for the annual Union Budget. He served there 1976-78.

He was Addl. Commissioner of six Divisions in the Aurangabad Commissionerate(1984-87), when Konknni's call knocked at his door on 18-June-1987. He quit the IRS to become Professor of Konknni Language and Literature at Goa University,under the rubric, "Outstanding scholar, with established reputation and significant contribution to knowledge." He served Konknni as a mission, in research, literature,and teaching. At the nascent Goa University, he set up the new Department of Konkani at the post-graduate level, and even structured an under-graduate course. He designed university syllabi, organized national seminars on Konkani literature with the Sahitya Akademi, presented papers and lectures at international seminars. Many of his papers were later published in the U.K., France, Portugal, Australia, Malaysia, China,Canada, Germany and Japan.

He was Vice-Chancellor of Goa University in the interregnum of Feb-June, 2002. He served on many local and national public bodies, like the Goa Board of Higher Secondary Education, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Dept. of Education of the Union Ministry of HRD, National Council for Educational Research & Training(NCERT), University Grants Commission, Union Public Service Commission, and the National Book Trust. On non-government fora, he was on KK Birla Foundation,Gyanpeeth Foundation, among myriad others. A linguist, he was. As Dean, Faculty of Languages, he supervised post-graduate academics in English, French, Portuguese, Konkani, Hindi and Marathi, and coursesin Italian, languages he knew. But at heart was his Konknni.

He worked closely with the Konkani Bhasha Mandal, the Goa Konkani Akademi andother fora from 1987 onwards. He successfully completed a major research projecton "Reconstruction of Old Konkani Literature," for the University Grants Commission(1994-97.) He served several Union Government ministries like Human ResourceDevelopment, External Affairs, at times in sensitive capacities.

Prof. Olivinho Gomes' academic record at the national and at world levels is too bigto be enumerated here. As would be the awards, honours and decorations he was bestowed with. That he has more than two dozen papers at world conferences published, besides his 41 books (and one recently submitted for publication), in diverse scripts, languages and subjects speaks more than what anyone could writeabout him.

The above article appeared in HERALD and GOMANTAK TIMES (Goa), in their respective editions of July 31, 2009