Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Konkani Convert

A Konkani Convert - poem by Basilio Magno

A Konkani Convert

Annie Ferns met Mary Vaz down college lane,
With a Konkani paper held out in her hand;
Said Annie: "Pray tell me Mary, what's the name
Of this newspaper, and think you I understand,
The lingo? Is it French? So it seems by the script,
Oh tell me, Mary dear, tell me what is it?

It shocked May, who with some Goan pride.
Had carried to College this Konkani paper:
She retorted; "Annie, open your eyes wide
And read. Even Vimla said it appears,
To be the language spoken by Goans,
And you a Goan dare show yourself ignorant!

"Oh! the language of the Goans -Khon khan ee!"
Rejoined Annie, "has it such a fine monthly?
Me thought 'twas spoken by cooks and nannies,
And English was the language, one and only
That the educated Goans spoke, as did in our home,
And Konkani, I thought, we the elite did not own."

"Shame, shame!" cried her non-Goan friends.
"Annie, you dare disown your Mothertongue?"
"I read Marathi," And "Gujerati" said Anand.
"I read Tamil," said Vijayanti, not just for fun.
Poor annie went all blue feeling quite guilty,
Knowing she was a Goan , though of aristocracy.

"Give me that Gulab, Konkani monthly paper,"
She pulled it from Mary and made a vow:
"I'll learn that language -Konkani, no matter
How hard it may be, it's not too late now.
With a sense of prode sparkling in her eyes,
She beamed: "Funny, it's Konkani, but I'll prize."

- by Basilio Magno (Spain)

P.S: May this poem inspire Goans overseas to pay
more attentin to learn to speak it, at
least just for the academical interest, if you won't
need it for anything else.

( courtesy: Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter )

- Forwarded by AlmeidaG(ji),

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