Thursday, July 30, 2009

Death: Dr. Olivinho Gomes

{Seen in this photo: Dr. Olivinho Gomes (centre)}

Konkani scholar and former acting vice chancellor of the Goa
University Dr Olivinho Gomes passed away, and it was sad to get this
news from Valmiki Faleiro in Margao. When talking to my classmate Dr
Rafael Fernandes at the Goa University, he also mentioned the passing
away of this scholar.

Dr Gomes was a prolific author and a deep supporter of the Konkani
language. Writers like Valmiki have narrated to me how his
understanding and love for the language had influenced them decades

Olivinho, as everyone referred to him, was a senior Customs official,
before he decided to make the shift to academe. I first encountered
him as a contributor to the Herald with his articles, mostly on
Konkani and related themes, in the 1980s. Me being curious to
understand Goa, and him always having some story to narrate, we would
have longish chats when we met up at conferences, or chatted away
while some seminar was in progress.

Dr Gomes also wrote a rather detailed book on Chandor, his village (if
I am not mistaken, or was it his in-law's?) called Village Goa. It is
sad to lose a scholar so early, specially since Dr Gomes was very
active in writing and would invariable have a new book he had publshed
whenever one met him after a three or six month gap!

The funeral is tomorrow (Friday, July 31, 2009) at 4.30 pm at the
Taleigao church. Here's a reference to his work from the (I guess the list is incomplete, since this is a
volunteer-crafted listing):

Add Photo Olivinho Gomes [edit]

1943 -

Books by this Author
Old Konkani language and literature by Olivinho Gomes
Konkani Sorospot Prakashan, 1999
Koṅkaṇī saraspatico itihāsa by Olivinho Gomes
Koṅkaṇī Saraspata Prakāśana, 1989
Village Goa by Olivinho Gomes
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Ḍô. Phrā. Lu. Gomiś by Olivinho Gomes
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Dr. Francisco Luis Gomes, jivit ani vavr by Olivinho Gomes
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Village Goa by Olivinho Gomes
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Eka Goenkarachi bhaili bhonvddi = by Olivinho Gomes
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