Friday, July 31, 2009

A tribute to Dr. Olivinho Gomes

A tribute to Dr. Olivinho Gomes

Olivinho Gomes started his career in the Goa Secretariat. When I joined the Secretariat in 1967, he worked as an Assistant in the GAD (General Administration Department.) The hierarchy then was: LDC (Lower Division Clerk; UDC (Upper Division Clerk); Assistant; Superintendent, Under Secretary and Secretary. He pursued his education, surpassed all these posts and became a larger figure in life.

In the late Sixties, Olivinho Gomes traveled to work every day from St. Estevam to Panaji by a direct "vapor" (passenger boat), which docked at the Captain of Ports jetty. Olivinho was jovial and a thorough gentleman. He always had a big smile on his face. When he spoke, we just listened to him; he spoke like a philosopher. He was ever willing to help people in need. He was very good at drafting notes, a skill which ultimately made him a great writer.

Sadly, I had no contacts with him for over thirty years. I paid my last tribute to him today at the Taleigao church and cemetery. Dr. Olivinho Gomes' sudden death has left a big vacuum in Goan society, especially in the field of Konkani language.

We miss you Olivinho! May his soul rest in peace!

Domnic Fernandes, Anjuna, Goa
Mob: 9420979201
31 July 2009

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